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Our job at Local and Abroad is to eagerly assist with your travel upon your request. The delivery of travel arrangements, such as hotel bookings, flights, car hire, cruises, tours, etc is booked through third party suppliers. They are responsible for providing your travel service or product.
Please read and understand the below terms and conditions carefully before you proceed with your booking.

Period of quote validity
Due to volatile taxes, seats that sell out and rooms that become unavailable, we cannot guarantee quoted prices for a length of time. Your price will only be guaranteed once booked and paid in full. However you may ask your consultant to hold the booking according to the third parties terms and conditions.

Payment options
Cash: Always ask for a cash receipt
Credit and debit cards: This form of payment can only be done on the relevant third party’s website, provided they have such a facility or if they have credit card forms that can be filled in.
Electronic transfer: Proof of payment must be sent to your travel consultant by email or fax. Your travel arrangements cannot be booked until the payment reflects in our bank account.
The cost of your service or product may increase due to demand or rate exchange in the time it takes for your transfer to clear. Please be aware of this as all increases will need to be paid by you.

Changes and cancellations
Whether you can or cannot change or cancel your booking will depend on the rules of your airline ticket or the rules of the third party supplier supplying your travel service or product. There may be penalties to pay in order to change or cancel your booking, therefore please ask your agent to check and let you know. Cancellation refunds by airlines can take up to 12 weeks. If you miss your flight, you will be marked as a no-show and will loose your flight.
Please take note that as a rule third party suppliers charge a fee for changing your booking. Local and Abroad will also charge an administration fee. All changes or cancellations has to be agreed to in writing and signed for by yourself. All the fees relating to the change of your ticket, product or service will be payable by you.

Who is responsible for your booking
Third party suppliers are the providers of your travel arrangements. They have their own terms and conditions too. Therefore kindly request this from your agent if required. Local and Abroad only assist with your travel booking. We are the middle men between you and the third party in order to make your travel plans easier and more convenient. We take the time to look for the best possible product according to your requirements. However we cannot be held responsible for the lack of action of the third party suppliers over which we have no control. We will go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied with your booking and will assist where we possibly can.
Both suppliers and Local and Abroad cannot be held responsible for any cancellations or postponement due to factors outside of our control. These factors may include: acts of God, riots, weather, strikes, mechanical failure, etc. However we will do our utmost to help you rectify whatever damage has been done.

Travel checks
Confirm your flights with the airline at least 72 hours before your flight.
Passports: Your passport MUST BE VALID FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS AFTER YOUR DATE OF RETURN on any international trip. Otherwise you will be denied entry into the country.
If you are a South African permanent resident travelling on a foreign passport, please make sure you have the right documentation from home affairs to travel, as the airlines may query why you are in possession of a foreign passport.
Your travel documents have to be in the name appearing on your passport, otherwise they will deny you travelling. You are required to let your consultant know which passport you will be traveling on.
Identity documents: all domestic travel documents must be in the name which appears on your identity documents.
Drivers Licence: Always take your South African drivers licence along with your international drivers licence when renting vehicles overseas as they may ask to see both. And make sure they are both still valid.
Visas: South Africans often need a visa to travel. Double check all border crossings, especially if you are going on a cruise. If you cross an ocean border, you may need a visa according the maritime law of the country concerned. We can supply you with any relevant information regarding visas, however we are not the experts. If visa suppliers do not supply the correct advice, any claims must be made to the visa company. If your entry into a country is denied, this may be customs, internal security or home affairs issues and outside of Local and Abroad and the visa suppliers control and therefore Local and Abroad cannot be held liable for any claims. For guidelines on visa requirements by the country you are visiting, see www.dfa.gov.za/consular/travel_advice.htm. Allow a reasonable time for visa applications.

Vaccinations: Check with your travel doctor or medical clinic which vaccinations are required by the country you are visiting. Alternatively visit www.meditravel.co.za. Also check on the website whether the counties where you are stopping over require you to have certain vaccinations.
Foreign currency: Foreign currency companies can assist you with foreign currency or traveller cheques. Foreign currency is provided by third party suppliers, whose performance is outside of Local and Abroad’s control.
Itineraries: Check your departure and arrival times and check to see that your travel documents tie up with your itinerary.
Travel advice: For any advice or current issues which might affect you, visit www.dfa.gov.za/consular/travel_advice.htm.
Health and medical requirements: Some cruise suppliers require you to be physically fit to travel. They reserve the right to require unfit guests to disembark or to refuse to board a guest who in the judgement of the ship’s Master or Medical Officer, is unfit to travel or may require medical care that the ship cannot offer. Pregnant women who have entered their twenty-fourth week of pregnancy will not be allowed to board Cruise liners.
Special requirements: Advise your travel consultant of any special requirements you may have for your travel
arrangements such as special meal and seating requests. We cannot guarantee that these requests will be confirmed, as it is the airlines decision, however we can try our best to make it happen.
Frequent Flyer: Please supply your consultant with your frequent flyer membership details for inclusion in your booking. We cannot guarantee that the supplier will credit you with points for your booking, as they are the third party handling this and is outside of our control.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance is very necessary and strongly recommended for all travel, whether travelling local or abroad. Most if not all airlines and tour operators have extremely high cancellation fees and date change penalties and unfortunately free insurance offered by credit card companies and banks is not a comprehensive insurance. If you need to lodge a claim, contact the insurer directly.

Compliments and Complaints
Any compliments are welcome. If you do have a complaint, please bring it to our attention so that we can help where we can. Any travel booked shows your approval and consent to the conditions in this form. Any claim that you might have on delivery of service or product must be taken up and lodged with the third party supplier. Any claims must be directed not more then 4 weeks after your trip. It is important to report stolen luggage to the airline prior to leaving the airport. Local and Abroad is not responsible for death, personal injury or any damages and losses occurring through the provision or omission of a service or product from a third party supplier.

I am satisfied with the travel arrangements made by Local and Abroad along with the relevant third party supplier.

I am 18 years of age or older.